Store Features

Ozone-Infused Wash

Sanitize Your Laundry with ozone-infused wash for your laundry! We use the same system as the best Hotels, Hospitals, and Health Care Facilities!

We’re Unique

Customers flock to Express Laundry Center because our store makes the dreaded tasks of doing laundry more bearable, maybe even enjoyable! We have Vending machines containing a variety of snack and drink options for your enjoyment. There are also flat screen TVs and video arcade games to while away your time.

Fully Attended

Our attendants are fully trained on all of the equipment, customer service and and our world famous Drop and Shop (wash/dry/fold). They are bi-lingual and customer service oriented Come in and put them to the test.

High-Speed Technology

Our high-speed, energy-efficient washers clean better and shorten the time it takes to do laundry by removing more water with each spin. Our Express Wash washers cut utilities and enable most customers to complete their laundry in 60-minutes or less. The design of Continentals washers and dryers uses less gas, water, and electricity, all the while improving the customer’s experience. The result—laundry dries faster and your laundry is done in 60 minutes or less!

We're Wired

FREE high-speed wireless Internet keeps you surfing while your laundry is churning. Just get the password from a laundry service associate and you can surf the net while you wait for your laundry to be done.

We Care

Created for the increasing number of customers craving time-saving conveniences, Express Laundry Center helps our customers save time through the use of efficient equipment and laundry drop-off services. Not only do our high-speed washers get customers in and out faster, but we also provide multiple levels of wash, dry, and fold services, and offer regular specials. We’re pleased to feature energy-efficient washers and dryers in support of the environment.

Our customers are the most important aspect of our business, which is why we kept every detail in mind when building this store. The Express Laundry Center is well lit, offers ample parking in the front and the rear, and is air-conditioned. Our attendants clean around the clock and our bathrooms are locked to ensure the cleanest experience possible. We have around the clock camera surveillance system, which the sheriff’s office has access to, ensuring your safety at all times. Our attendants are well-trained and always available to answer questions or offer help.

Mammoth Washers

Waters Express Laundry Center offers the most rotund & massive washers around. Perfect for large or bulky items such as comforters, sleeping bags, rugs, blankets or large loads of clothes, our Power Load Plus Washer is capable of handling nine loads of laundry at one time! It can tackle anything a family can dish out! Our highest performing washers generate water extraction speeds of up to 380 G-force, removing more water from every load. So, when you’ve got tons of laundry to do, remember, size matters and bigger is most definitely better.

Coinless Laundromat Facilities

Waters Express Laundry Center is the first to become completely coinless and use the touch screen laundry cards in the Tampa area. Use of the latest in coinless laundry technology makes cleaning your clothes easier than ever and allows us to replace lost cards, value-adding bonus programs such as wash to win, and customer loyalty rewards. Leave the coins at home! No longer will you waste your time sifting through countless coins to start our large machines. Gone are the coin jams and dirty hands. Simply sign-up in the store on our kiosks for our free laundry card using your credit card, debit card, EBT or dollar bills. Your laundry card will operate all of the machines in the store including soda and snack machines and the video arcade. They will even operate the bathroom doors.

Retail Sales of Name Brand Laundry Products.

We have on hand, at discount prices, all of the most popular name-brand detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, bleach, and other specialty products to improve your washing results.