Commercial Laundry Service

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Platinum laundry and linen service

Why you should outsource your laundry!

In today’s busy world, operating a Spa, Hotel, Restaurant, Club, Bed & Breakfast, or Healthcare facility has its own challenges. Staffing issues and utility costs are only a couple of the many complex and time consuming managerial decisions that must be dealt with on a daily basis. Processing your own laundry adds another huge and worrisome component to your daily schedule. Your time is better spent on your core business.

Waters Express Laundry Center’s Commercial Laundromat Services thru our platinum Laundry and Linen Service can provide you with all of your restaurant linens, fluffy towels for your hotel, and clean, bright towels, sheets and robes for your spa at a cost that is not any more than you spend processing your own laundry, without the hassles and headaches.

Unstable energy costs, rising fuel costs, and labor issues are all areas that directly affect the cost-effectiveness of operating your own laundry. By outsourcing your laundry, you can count on a guaranteed stable price as well as eliminating the uncertainties and worries of operating your own laundry on a daily basis.

Contact Us today to get a free evaluation of the benefits of outsourcing your laundry. We are the Tampa's experts in all things laundry. Join us today!

Why choose express platinum laundry and linen service?

    • We are flexible and provide personalized service compared to other factory-based laundry services
    • No contracts
    • No job is too large or too small
    • We have multiple-sized washers to service any need
    • We have four large capacity washers (90lb each) to handle large items or volumes
    • We can handle different linens and types of stains
    • Our equipment offers superior programmability — allowing for flexible programs with different wash and rinse cycles to tackle various items
    • Our equipment is among the most energy-efficient on the market today, so you can feel good knowing that by choosing our laundry services you are conserving the earth’s natural resources

Our promise to you . . .

    • We want you to feel like you are getting new clothes and linens every time you use our service.
    • Sort and stain treat your laundry and linens
    • Wash your sorted laundry separately in energy-efficient machines with customized wash cycles
    • Packaged for storage or immediate use

Items we can launder:

    • Medical linens and uniforms; bed pads
    • Blankets, bedspreads, and  comforters
    • Bed sheets and towels
    • Kitchen rags and napkins
    • Shop and mechanic uniforms; grease rags
    • Mop heads and cleaning rags
    • Uniform shirts and aprons
    • Table cloths and linens
    • Horse blankets
    • And much more!

Commercial markets we serve:

    • Hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts
    • Corporate apartments
    • Hospitals and nursing homes
    • Beauty salons, spas, barber shops, massage therapists and tanning salons
    • Doctor, dentist and chiropractic offices
    • Churches and chapels
    • Horse Stables
    • Auto body shops and automotive dealers
    • Health and fitness clubs
    • Banquet halls, restaurants, bars, and catering services
    • Moving companies
    • Smoke and water damage restoration
    • Veterinarian clinics, pet kennels, and humane societies
    • Car washes and gas stations
    • Golf courses and country clubs
    • Daycare facilities
    • Summer camps, campgrounds, and marinas

Our services come with none of the hidden costs like Environmental fees, fuel surcharges, extra delivery fee, and NO CONTRACTS! If we can't exceed your expectations then we are not doing our job.