Waters Express
Laundry Center

Laundromat in Tampa, Florida

Featuring Ozone-Infused Wash for Your Laundry!

clean: Express Laundry is modern, clean & spacious. We provide unmatched service and quality making the task of doing laundry more enjoyable.

fresh: Our services and equipment provide for fresh laundry each & every time you wash with us.

Renew: We are equipped with energy-efficient Continental Girbau laundry equipment that reduces water usage and utility consumption.

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Ozone-Infused Wash for Your Laundry

Sanitize Your Laundry with ozone-infused wash for your laundry! It benefits you with every wash!

We use the same system as the best Hotels, Hospitals, and Health Care Facilities!

Waters Express Laundry Center

Rethink Laundry

The Waters Express Laundry Center features high-speed machines that shorten the wash/dry process to under 60 minutes; wireless Internet access; and laundry service associates who act more like mothers than employees while keeping the premises spotless. At Waters Express Laundry Center, customer service spins out of control, thanks to convenience programs like Load & Leave, drive-up Drop & Shop, drop-off drycleaning and the coinless convenience of value cards. It's always squeaky clean, plenty of washers and dryers, lots of tables designed expressly for folding laundry, flat screen TV to enjoy and free wireless internet to keep you informed and in touch. Attendants are available 7 days a week from 6 AM to 8 PM.


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Ozone-Infused Wash

Sanitize Your Laundry with ozone-infused wash for your laundry! We use the same system as the best Hotels, Hospitals, and Health Care Facilities!

We're Wired

FREE high-speed wireless Internet keeps you surfing while your laundry is churning. Just get the password from a laundry service associate and you can surf the net while you wait for your laundry to be done.

Fully Attended

Our attendants are fully trained on all of the equipment, customer service and our world famous Drop and Shop (wash/dry/fold).

We Care

Created to the increasing number of customers craving time-saving conveniences, Express Laundry Center helps our customers save time through the use of efficient equipment and laundry drop-off services.

High-Speed Technology

Our high-speed, energy-efficient washers clean better and shorten the time it takes to do laundry by removing more water with each spin.

Mammoth Washers

Waters Express Laundry Center offers the most rotund & massive washers around. Perfect for large or bulky items such as comforters, sleeping bags, rugs, blankets or large loads of clothes.

We’re Unique

Customers flock to Express Laundry Center because our store makes the dreaded task of doing laundry more bearable, maybe even enjoyable!


Drop & Shop:

We wash, dry
& fold your laundry


Commercial Accounts:

Hotels, restaurants, spas, salons, clubs, schools and organizations and feel free to come in and try our drop off commercial services.


Our Environmental Commitment

Your Source for a Greener Wash

Caring for the environment is gaining favor across the world. People recycle, install water-saving toilets, carpool and seek out products that conserve water, energy and natural resources. It follows suit, then, that consumers care about how those products are manufactured.

Waters Express Laundry Center is equipped with Continental Girbau laundry equipment. Not only are Continental washers and dryers among the most energy efficient on the market today, but customers can feel good knowing that Continental laundry products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner to conserve the Earth's natural resources and to create less waste.

Waters Express Laundry Center

4333 West Waters Ave.
Tampa, FL 33614

Open 7 days a week for your convenience
Mon-Sun 7:00AM-10:00PM (last load at 9PM)

Phone: 813-885-7377
Email: info@watersexpresslaundry.com